Candy Crush Level 45 Guide

45Available Moves: 35 moves
Goal: Clear all jelly (55 double coated jelly frames)
Target Score: 140,000 points
Two Stars: 175,000 points
Three Stars: 250,000 points

35 moves to clear off 55 double coated jelly frames is a tall order, right? Well, wait ‘til you see how the playing board looks like! It looks a lot harder now, isn’t it? For one, there is that isolated candy right smack in the middle of the board! It is flanked by a box void, so it is perennially separated from the rest of the candies. This is a tough one to clear, as it requires one special striped candy at the very least. Also, the side walls of the game board are composed of locked-up candies. So unless you manage to break all of them free, your board is more limited than it already is, with that gaping void. In this level, your biggest enemy is the stingy number of available moves. Hence, the +5 moves booster is your number one pick should you choose to acquire boosters. However, you wouldn’t need to resort to using boosters if you manage to clear that stubborn middle jelly early on in the game. Overall, it is a challenging level, but you will surely enjoy cracking it just as long as you keep these effective tips in mind:

General tips:
1. Take advantage of the reset feature! Settle on a board that is friendly enough for your goal.
2. Look for every opportunity to clear those tricky jellies first!
3. Use your special candies wisely. Don’t get too excited!
4. Remember to bring these fool proof level-specific tips when you take on this challenging level
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Level-specific tips:

1. Stop to scout before you take that first move!
Remember that you lose the chance to rest the game without losing a life once you’ve made that first move! Pause first just to see if you’ve chanced upon a board that has a lot of opportunities for special candies. It would be better if you can find one that will let you clear that isolated jelly in your initial moves. It may be boring to just reset and scout over and over again, but hey! It’s better than to retry over and over again, right?

2. Free those poor locked-up candies!
While you’re clearing up jellies, try to free as much locked-up candies as you can. In doing so, you are expanding your game board and then you will have better chances of forming special candies, or better, special candy combinations! Just be careful not to spend too much moves trying to free those candies without also clearing jellies while you’re at it! 35 moves is not much, so make sure you use them wisely.

3. Use your special candies wisely!
Again, don’t give in to the temptation of immediately detonating those cool special candies upon formation!  Remember that there is one tricky candy right smack in the middle! Use your special candies to clear that. If you have a special striped candy, make sure it hits the middle jelly once detonated. Wrapped candies should be paired with at least a striped candy to ensure clearance of the middle jelly. Special coloured candy must only be used to clear the colour of that middle jelly! Remember that middle jelly is a little self-centred and requires a lot of attention. Pun intended!

4. Have fun! You’re going to spend quite some time in this level, so it’s important to keep your cool! Good luck!